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IoT startups fill security gaps

Enterprises are turning to IoT-focused startups to address new security challenges.

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IBM X-Force: Use of compromised credentials darkens cloud security picture

The top cause of cloud compromises is improper use of credentials, and enterprise IT teams need to harden their credential management practices, says IBM X-Force.

cloud technology protection information cybersecurity indentity

Cisco software targets enterprise cloud security, risk assessment

Cisco adds Secure Application module to its Full Stack Observability platform.

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10 questions to ask about secure service edge (SSE)

IDC and Gartner have identified a broad range of vendors that provide converged security services. Here's what to ask before choosing a platform.

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VMware warns customers to immediately patch critical Aria network software holes

VMware has issued patches for two vulnerabilities that can threaten enterprise network operations. The most severe flaw has a CVSS threat score of 9.8.


Google's Cross-Cloud Network service aims to simplify multicloud networking

New Cross-Cloud Network service from Google Cloud is designed to be a one-stop shop for multicloud networking and security.

cloud technology protection information cybersecurity indentity

Fortinet adds wireless and IoT security features to SASE platform

FortiSASE offering gains application monitoring capabilities and tools to help customers securely manage wireless LANs and IoT devices.

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Most hyped network technologies and how to deal with them

Look for genuine value when under pressure to implement hyped technologies such as AI-driven network automation, private 5G, open networking and zero trust.

cloud technology protection information cybersecurity indentity

Cisco, Kyndryl step up partnership to cut enterprise security threats

IT infrastructure services provider Kyndryl will use Cisco’s Security Cloud platform to help enterprise customers bolster their cyber resiliency.

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Versa enhances SASE package with AI-based security tools

Versa adds improved malware detection, microsegmentation, generative AI to protect enterprise resources

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Hybrid mesh firewall platforms gain interest as management challenges intensify

Different types of firewalls, including hardware, virtual, cloud-native, and firewall as a service, can be deployed and managed from a central interface with a hybrid mesh firewall platform.

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Aruba plugs core enterprise SASE, SSE service protection directions

Aruba Networks is touting forthcoming improvements to its security platform – including zero trust and sandboxing features

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Who is selling Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and what do you get?

Vendors are offering cloud-based services that support the ZTNA framework for VPN replacement and access control policy enforcement

SD-WAN adoption

Fortinet bolsters SD-WAN services, security with new software, next-generation firewalls

Fortinet adds network over/underlay monitoring services, 90G NGFW series

Cisco buys Internet BGP monitoring firm Code BGP

Cisco ThousandEyes gains Code BGP’s real-time detection of BGP hijacking, route leaks and other BGP performance and security issues.

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Cisco brings ransomware protection to XDR SaaS package

Cisco has added ransomware detection and recovery support to its recently unveiled Extended Detection and Response (XDR) system. The new features target recovery from ransomware attacks and come courtesy of integration with Cohesity’s...

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Network giants unite to fight security risks

Cisco, Juniper, Fortinet, Intel, AT&T and Verizon are among the founding members of the Network Resilience Coalition, which will encourage enterprises to patch systems, fix holes, and prepare defenses for routers and switches.

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Fortinet unveils data center firewalls with AI support

New high-end 3200F and midrange 900G next generation firewalls from Fortinet use AI for speedier, more comprehensive network threat protection.

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