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What are network assurance tools and why are they important?

How is your network really doing? A network assurance tool will let you know

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Human error in network operations and how to deal with it

Network outages can often be traced to four error-prone activities: fault analysis and response, configuration changes, scaling and failover, and security policies.

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Hybrid workforce demands change from network ops

IT teams are under pressure to update networks and toolsets to deliver secure remote access, reliable network connectivity, and optimized application performance.

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Dynatrace boosts observability platform with generative AI

Dynatrace Davis AI engine combines predictive, causal, and generative AI capabilities to simplify and accelerate performance management tasks.

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The real risk of AI in network operations

Using generative AI technology for network operations issues can yield results that sound credible but are actually completely wrong.

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Kyndryl services blitz to target AI, security, sustainability

The Kyndryl Bridge integration platform is set to gain dozens more enterprise infrastructure-management tools in the coming months.

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Cisco amps up security analytics software

Cisco’s updated Secure Network Analytics platform has higher capacity, supports more data flows, and generates more detailed security alerts.

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How IT pros can benefit from generative AI safely

Natural language chatbots can transform enterprise IT for the good, but keep a human in the loop.

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Cisco is buying network monitoring, analysis firm Accedian Networks

Accedian is already a Cisco partner that provides Skylight software to speed up deployment of network services, spot performance problems, and fix them.

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Cisco extends observability platform with formal launch at Cisco Live 2023

Its Full-Stack Observability Platform correlates data from application, networking, infrastructure, security, and cloud systems to streamline troubleshooting and optimize performance.

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How IT pros might learn to believe in AI-driven network-management

Explainable AI might overcome the distrust that enterprise network engineers have for AI/ML management tools that have the potential to streamline network operations.


Juniper MISTifies ChatGPT, Zoom and NAC security service

Juniper is adding ChatGPT integration to its Mist management system, expanding its Zoom support capabilities, and offering a cloud-based NAC service.

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IT pros worry about network data being fed to AI tools

Volume of data, frequency of polling, security, and the impact on network performance are among the concerns of networking teams, according to an EMA survey.

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Cisco aims for full-stack observability with AppDynamics/ThousandEyes tie-in

Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) upgrade melds Cisco's AppDynamics application observability capabilities and ThousandEyes network intelligence.

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Extreme moves cloud-based network management to the edge

New releases include the ExtremeCloud Edge cloud management system, a power-efficient Wi-Fi 6E access point, and additions to Extreme’s Universal Switch series.

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How to shop for network observability tools

Network observability tools can help enterprises more quickly identify, troubleshoot, and resolve performance issues across complex environments before they impact end-user productivity.

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Aruba banks on integrated security, AI, NaaS for enterprise growth

Aruba: As the roles of networking teams change, they will need to embrace AI and uniting networking with security.

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Aruba introduces a simplified NaaS offering

Agile NaaS brings streamlined provisioning; Aruba Central gets better visibility, performance features.

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