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edge computing

AMD introduces Epyc server processors for the edge

New family of 8004 processors are purpose-built for cloud services, intelligent edge and telco.

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Cisco snuffs HyperFlex development, hands HCI future to Nutanix

Cisco recommends HyperFlex customers migrate to Nutanix hyperconverged software, which can run on Cisco UCS hardware.

ip network devices

Cisco shapes its strategy for Ethernet-based AI networks

Future-proofing Ethernet for AI is a priority for Cisco, which is positioning its Nexus data center switches as core elements of AI networking infrastructure.

shuffling cards

Sorting, joining, shuffling, skipping and numbering lines on Linux

Linux provides a lot of handy commands for manipulating text files. This post explains how to use a collection of them.

supercomputer / servers / data center / network

UK gov't announces new $1.1B supercomputer and AI research facility

As part of its commitment to AI R&D, the UK has announced the development of a new supercomputer and research facility to be housed at the University of Bristol.


Are HDDs greener than SSDs?

Operationally, solid state drives (SSD) use less power. But research finds the manufacturing process is tilted in favor of hard disk drives (HDD).

Intel headquarters

Intel partners with former acquisition target Tower Semiconductor

Intel will provide U.S. foundry services and manufacturing to the firm it tried to buy.

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Using the comm command to compare files or directories on Linux

The Linux comm command makes it easy to compare a couple text files and determine if they both contain the same lines -- whether the file contents are sorted or not.

virtual data center servers

Enterprise DPU advances are spurred by AI, security, networking apps

Smartswitches such as the HPE Aruba CX 10000 will help bring DPUs to the enterprise.

Network World: IoT Hacks [slide-05] > Car Talk > Automotive hacks

Disk space shortage shuttered Toyota assembly plants

Insufficient disk space in servers used to process parts orders caused a recent unplanned shutdown across Toyota's assembly plants in Japan.

Reactive programming, events, data, streams, streaming

3 types of incremental forever backup

Full-file incremental forever, block-level incremental forever or source depulication? The best way to choose is to perform backup and recovery tests and evaluate the performance of each method.

calculator numbers math accounting

Incrementing and decrementing numeric variables in bash

There are quite a few ways to increment and decrement numeric variables in bash. This post examines the many ways you can do this.

9 systems theory global crash outage

Microsoft blames Aussie data center outage on staff strength, failed automation

The outage that occurred on August 30 led to downtime in Azure services pertaining to APIs, databases, and applications.

arm cortex chip image

Arm unveils project to rapidly develop server processors

Neoverse Compute Subsystems project is designed to make it easier and faster for licensees to develop data-center grade processors based on Neoverse designs.

Intel headquarters building

Intel details next generation of Xeon processors

Codenamed Sierra Forest and Granite Rapids, the next generation of Intel Xeon processors will feature new core designs and focus on memory and I/O.

vmware explore 2023

Generative AI dominates VMware Explore news

Highlights include a private AI platform developed with Nvidia that lets enterprises run generative AI applications on their proprietary data within VMware’s hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Jensen Huang

What shortage? Nvidia blows past expectations in second quarter

Enterprise sales now constitute 76% of Nvidia's total revenue, leaving the gaming business in the dust.

Network World - Insider asset - Invaluable Tips + Tricks for Troubleshooting Linux [Winter 2018]

OpenELA group pushes for bug compatibility with RHEL

The world of enterprise Linux developers has been roiled of late by a dispute between Red Hat and several companies that sell support for similar distributions.

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