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Carriers vs. aggregators: How to select the optimal mix of network transport providers

Working with multiple WAN suppliers can yield more competitive prices, maximize service coverage, and ensure better performance.

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The real risk of AI in network operations

Using generative AI technology for network operations issues can yield results that sound credible but are actually completely wrong.

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Are AI-powered networks already outperforming SD-WAN?

SD-WANs (software-defined wide area networks) have been in wide-scale use for several years now, and their adoption has accelerated in recent years. According to a report by IDC, the worldwide SD-WAN infrastructure market reached...

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How to navigate the co-management conundrum in MSP engagements

Enterprise IT teams and MSPs need to iron out the right approach to co-management. Here’s how to make it work.

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Network spending priorities for second-half 2023

Enterprises hope to invest in security, operational stability, and better application-delivery performance using technologies that include SD-WAN and AI.

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Converge NOCs with SOCs to save time and effort

Marrying network operations centers with security operations centers can streamline troubleshooting and reduce duplication of effort.


Restoring databases from backup requires hands-on practice

You need to practice restoring your databases so when it becomes necessary in your live network, you’ll be prepared to do it right.

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IT pros worry about network data being fed to AI tools

Volume of data, frequency of polling, security, and the impact on network performance are among the concerns of networking teams, according to an EMA survey.


What is 5G? Fast wireless technology for enterprises and phones

5G networks will boost wireless throughput by a factor of 10 and may replace wired broadband. But when will they be available, and why are 5G and IoT so linked together?

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How to handle IT vendors' worst bad habits

Enterprises hate it when the companies they buy gear from pass the buck when issues arise, over-hype their sales pitches, and don’t give a heads-up about new products.

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Why is the transition from SD-WAN to SASE so painful?

Multi-vendor SD-WAN environments and poor WAN visibility can complicate the move to a SASE architecture.

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3 ways network teams can influence SASE decisions

Network pros’ input about what SASE platform their enterprise needs should start as early as possible, and that means involvement in SD-WAN choices.

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