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Flight to cloud drives IaaS networking adoption

Demand for cloud connects/interconnects is rising as enterprises commit to multicloud and SaaS application environments, and that’s driving greater interest in IaaS cloud networking services, says IDC.


Google Cloud can tie together enterprise multicloud resources

Google’s Cross-Cloud Interconnect can link customer workloads in Google Cloud to customer networks within Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, or Alibaba.

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IBM wants drag-and-drop connectivity for hybrid cloud applications

IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh is designed to simplify networking across private clouds, public clouds and edge environments.


Nutanix' new multicloud management products aim for simplification

Integration and smooth application functionality across hybrid and multiple public clouds and frameworks are the core goal for Nutanix' latest releases.

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Broadcom CEO pledges $2 billion for VMware R&D, professional services support

The focus of Broadcom’s investment boost will be on helping enterprises to deploy private clouds and growing the VMware ecosystem.

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Who is selling NaaS, and what do you get?

Network as a service comes in five distinct flavors depending on whether it’s offered by hardware vendors, telcos, cloud providers, muticloud vendors, or WAN-transport carriers.

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Cloud vs on-prem: SaaS vendor 37signals bails out of the public cloud

37signals CTO claims dumping IaaS cloud services in favor of buying servers can save millions of US dollars per year for the right type of organization.

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HPE to acquire OpsRamp to boost GreenLake capabilities

OpsRamp and HPE’s GreenLake edge-to-cloud offerings are expected to provide a unified approach to management of multicloud computing, networking, storage, and application resources.

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MWC analysis: Conditions are ripe for cloud providers to drive faster network services.

Network operators need help finding applications that demand fast data delivery in order to justify infrastructure investment.


IBM's mainframe operating system upgrade will embrace AI

IBM says the z/OS 3.1 operating system will further integrate AI, embrace cloud stores, and improve performance of Linux workloads.

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Cisco simplifies cloud-management licensing

The Cisco Intersight platform now has two-tiered licensing, and the company is offering a bundle that includes Intersight plus hardware.

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3 things network pros need to tell developers about why the network matters

Avoid over-reliance on costly user-to-cloud and user-to-data-center links to create better performing apps.

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Digital platform conductors help manage hybrid networks

DPC orchestration aggregates multicloud monitoring data and recommends ways to speed business processes.


Multicloud: Keep providers separate and distinct or integrate them?

A multicloud infrastructure strategy can maximize the flexibility of enterprise IT staff, isolate workloads, and increase agility, but there may be overriding circumstances.

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Why network pros need a seat at the application-planning table

Component-based applications can have a significant bad impact on cloud costs and app performance that network pros could head off if consulted during the design phase.

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What is hybrid cloud computing? The benefits of mixing private and public cloud services

How to architect a hybrid cloud that combines on-premises and public cloud infrastructures. Definitions of hybrid cloud vary, but here’s what it means to Amazon, Microsoft and Google.

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A new role for network pros: application-flow architect

Networking teams need a say in architecting cloud-based applications from the outset to assure it’s even possible for the network and cloud services to adequately support the apps.

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Survey: NetOps is essential but undervalued in making multi-cloud decisions

For multi-cloud networking to succeed, NetOps must have a seat at the table, but IT leaders need to buy into it.

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